For quite some time, we have felt that our name does not reflect the breadth of information and knowledge we cover.

About The Change

Communication is certainly the bedrock of our subjects, and as we develop our publications, we can offer information and knowledge across a full range of People/Soft Skills from our resource of new and inspirational writers.

Whatever the particular skill in focus at any time, people will always be the central key to success.  

With this in mind, our new name is;

Trumpeters and drum roll please…………


Is Now

Join Us!

We look forward to welcoming you to our new website:

And our publication, hosted on the world’s best writing platform, Medium: .

Come join us, read our ever-growing source of people skills information and watch (or maybe be one of) our growing list of writers and keep an eye out for some very exciting developments in the future.


‘Your world is full of people, make sure they get the best of you, and you of them’!

See you soon!

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