Comm4 helps everyone communicate  effectively!

This site shows people how their family can be happier,
their work more successful and their lives much more fulfilling.


In this section of our site you will find specific information about how we communicate with ourselves and the impact this has on our lives.

Our ‘self-communication’ or ‘self-talk’ has an overarching impact on our lives, making the difference between success or failure and happiness or sadness. It will determine our confidence levels and even control what we actually attempt in life!

Our self-talk is vitally important – it cannot be left to chance!

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At the heart of every great salesperson is a great communicator! Client centricity and awareness requires expert communication skills, which in turn will produce professional and results – results that will ensure client and salesperson satisfaction, leading to performance excellence, repeat sales, ongoing recommendations and high rewards.

Outstanding rewards require outstanding service.

This section will provide continual, specific information about how to learn and perfect natural sales techniques incorporating communication skills.

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Most people’s days are full of social interaction.  We have constant contact with people like friends, family, colleagues, partners, our children and the people that we meet on a daily basis at parties, gatherings and when simply going about our daily lives.

It is a diverse, often complicated spread of communication processes, central to our very success as human beings – and thereby our continued well-being and happiness.

Visit this SOCIAL section of Comm4 to get information and help on how to maximize your results from this life controlling communication area.

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People are the heart of every business – their interactions will determine how strong that heart beats and how successful the business will be. For maximum success a business needs a happy and united team that understands and connects with the dreams, ambitions and targets of the business.

In this Communicate4 Business section we concentrate on internal communication and how it can be used to strengthen the beating heart that must exist within every business.

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Communicate4 provides awareness of, and education in, the power of truly effective communication. With the belief that communication is the base skill for all other skills and therefore the single biggest influence on success, Communicate4’s aim is to write, research, access and provide information and education to people of any age as well as to businesses of all sizes and description.

Our intent is to bring information and education to enable people to positively influence their own lives and the lives of those they interact with.

We are a small but very effective organisation, building on many years of research and success in action, to impact the lives of as many people as possible. In the past decade people and businesses in many countries, stretching from China to Africa and Spain to Russia, are implementing our information and enjoying improved human interaction and success as a result. With your help and support we will strive to reach further across the world with on-line information and learning, events, seminars and personal contact and coaching.

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