Our Mission

Communicate4 has one sole purpose – to encourage as many people as possible to investigate the true power of communication – the simple and absolute bedrock of personal success!


The seed for Communicate4 was planted in 1992 when Will Offen, the founder and principal, stumbled across a book that resonated with him so much it became the catalyst for continued study in communication that changed his entire approach on how he dealt with people. William continues to strive for perfection in communication skills each and every day.

The book? It’s a very famous book. Most people know the title. It’s iconic! Although written in the 1930’s, in our opinion, it still offers the most astonishing insight to do exactly what it says on the cover: How to Win Friends and Influence People.

With continued study and a growing emphasis on communication skills, William noticed a steady improvement to the success he was having in all areas of his life. From this he developed a burning desire to encourage every individual to become aware of the infinite benefits and improvements that can be achieved by becoming an expert in this subject – hence the birth of our website Comm4.net.

Have you ever considered…………..?

Have you ever considered the way in which we communicate with the many people with whom we come into contact every day?

Have you ever considered how we communicate with ourselves each minute of every day and the massive impact this has on us?

The way in which we communicate with others and communicate with ourselves determines the very course of our lives and the socialdomestic and career success we enjoy.

Communication is without doubt the most important single element in our skills mix, well recorded as being infinitely more powerful than any other of life’s skills.

Communicate4 believes expertise in these skills begins with a simple starting point – awareness!

To explain: communication is directed both inwards and outwards – with ourselves, with familyfriends, in businesssociallydomestically. Our lives are intrinsically controlled by the way we interact with ourselves as well as everyone with whom we have communication. For such a vital subject isn’t it amazing, therefore, how little attention it receives? Communication is not a formal subject; it rarely, if ever appears on the curriculum of schools or universities and has no concentration whatsoever in our childhood and education development.

We simply tell ourselves:

  • We can communicatewell enough
  • That the way in which we communicateis a fait accompli
  • Or even worse, we are oblivious of the subject (or the ‘learnability’ of it) altogether!

Our communication expertise therefore is pretty much an accident of birth. If we are fortunate to be brought up by good communicators we will absorb those skills by means of osmosis. But incredibly, the great majority of these people are unaware of the skills they are using – thinking their excellent interaction with people is just natural.

Our aim at Communicate4 is to show that, by simply becoming aware of Intentional Communication, it is possible to build and develop all other skills on this rock solid base and achieve greater success (whatever our definition of success) in every area of our lives, without learning new or complicated techniques.


It’s at the core of all that we do.

Everything that we do relies on communication for its success or failure – everything!


Simple IOC

Communicate4 believes these skills begin with a simple start point – awareness of something we call Intentional Outcome Communication –  IOC – and simply knowing that such a thing exists, and developing the desire to practise it will transform our opportunity for success in all areas of our lives.


Hard to Accept?

Of course, and why shouldn’t it be? The idea that we allow such a vital, human ability (communication) to be under-developed and left to chance is a reflection on all of society and strikes at some core values. But let’s just accept for a moment that the ability to communicate expertlystrategically and with intention of outcome has the power to transform your domestic bliss, your social standing and your business success – wouldn’t you want to investigate further?


Definable Resource

The focus of Communicate4 is for this site to be a growing source of information and knowledge. We will continually build up this information, through internal writings, sourcing outside information and developing partners in this field, so that we give our subscribers and readers answers to the many interaction challenges that arise on a daily basis when communicating.

Will has been on this continuing journey for over 20 years. It is truly a never-ending journey – indeed he says his last phrase on earth is sure to be “Oh really, tell me more”.

Why not join him today. For sure, even a little knowledge improves life’s opportunities?


If you have a specific communication challenge or concern – let us know, Communicate4 is here to offer advice and help.